KO MasterPiece MP-12 Sideswipe Lambor,KO
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KO MasterPiece MP-12 Sideswipe Lambor

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KO Version  

Due to copy right concerns, the manufacturer is unable to use the exact name: TAKARA TOMY, instead, they named it: TAKASA TONY, but it is exactly the same item ( same qualification as before)

KO Masterpiece MP-12 Sideswipe Lambor

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  • ByGar***
  • Nov 23, 2016
Excellent figure! My favorite character from the first series. I do not have the Takara for comparison, but the only flaw I find is the head: the neck is loose and spins just from holding the figure and giving a gentle shake. Plus the head is not completely sealed. When on display, the gap in the seal is very noticeable. Otherwise, the quality is remarkable. Paint is nearly perfect except for a few minor bleeds on the shoulder struts. Autobot symbol is crystal clear and sharp. There is a difference in the red tone color from component to component, but this looks due to some components are actually red plastic while other components are a dark plastic painted red. However, this duo-tone does not look bad, it looks intentional. My final verdict is that is an excellent item for my desk, but as a collector, I might end up getting the Takara version later on.