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KO Version

Figure and accessories should be the same with official one.

*Please kindly note that the arm cannon on this figure includes the battery, we will open the box to remove it before we ship your package to avoid the customs issue. 

If you do mind we opening your package, please leave a message in your order and we won't open. Thanks.*


Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByMe***
  • Nov 21, 2017
While for the most part this KO is nicely solid, there are a few hiccups that are (mostly) excusable considering it's KO status. The red paint applications are a bit shoddy (nothing that can't be fixed with a touch of paint), a couple of hinge pins tend to slide out and obstruct them from fitting during transformation; I had to cut a small pivot out of the plastic to accommodate it. Biggest gripe: The damaged face won't fit onto the head. The positioning of the part when trying to attach makes it impossible to see where the problem lies and this is frustrating particularly when I want to pair it with the damaged chest. As per usual KO expectations a good number of joints are too loose or too tight which results in wear marks on the innocent plastic around them.

  • ByLen***
  • VIP Member
  • Nov 19, 2017
When the official piece ws released I was not super excited.  By that time I had already purchased Apollyon and Mightron and when I saw the official price point I knew I was out.  But when I saw the release of the KO, I took a chance and I'm glad I did.  This figure is easy to pose and looks dynamic with  MP 10.  
  There were some minor paint blemishes on the upper arms but other than that I had few issues with the figure.  Being that I have had quality control issues with official products this was not a deal breaker for me. The muzzle is die-cast so it flops side-to-side in robot mode when messing with it, but stays is place on display.  The transformation is complex but not as difficult as I anticipated.  After watching a few on-line video reviews, the KO suffers from the same plights as the official (especially collapsing the hips going into pistol mode for the first time).  All the joints and panels were tight and I actually forgot for a minute it was a KO.  
    I'm not for or against KOs--I'm just against going broke for my hobbies.  Bottom line is that I get a comparable figure for a third of the price.  Being that there are two other KOs with accessories not included with this one, I can pick up both of those figures as well and only be slightly above the cost for one official figure. This is a win for my collection.

  • BySte***
  • Junior Member
  • Nov 18, 2017
I only collect KO's these days with the silly prices of the Hasbro/Takara figures and the quality of these now are mostly equal or better than the original for a fraction of the price  ...you would be crazy to pay £180 when this is just the same for £67, even has the badges on lol

  • Byrom***
  • Nov 18, 2017
an excellent price for a KO, thank goodness for this considering the official one was too pricy for my blood, figure has a good quality plastic and di cast, you'd never think this was a KO. I'm really considering more KO depending on reviews and quality, hopes this helps those who were on the fence about KO,