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Return Policy strive to offer the best shopping experience. If you find issues with your order/item received, please do communicate with us by sending an email to and give us a chance to make it right for you. Stuck with a figure with problems is no fun. On the other side, sending us back the item and having us to pay $80 shipping because your figure can't hold the gun perfectly, is harmful to the community too. TF-Direct is a reseller, we do not manufacture any figures nor have any control over how the figures are made. Our customers want sealed boxes, human error happens during the manufacturing process. We will make things right for you, to make it easy, please follow the instructions for each circumstance: 


QC (Quality Control) issues with your item received


1.  Missing or broken parts - let us know and we will send you the replacing parts at no charge. Please send us the picture(s) clearly indicate the part(s) need to be replaced or missing. 

2.  Loose joint or peg hole - if it's only on yours, we can replace the arm/leg. If it's a known issue from the manufacturer and replacing is applicable, i.e. Masterpiece MP-11 torso issue, we can not accept a return on such or provide the refund. 


3. In addition, Cosmetic imperfections, or bad paint jobs, Damage caused by rough play or handling, we also can not accept a return on such or provide the refund.

4. As you know, the official items are not provided after-sale service by the official, so If you receive a damaged or defect official figure, we will not provide the after-sale service either. Hope you can understand. 

5. Most products are warranted for 3 months. A
s much as we would like to, our suppliers do not cover replacements for the cases above, so we would not be able to get you replacements.


Packages/Items damaged in transit


If any packages/items are damaged in transit, please let us know within 14 calendar days of receipt of the item. For packages/items are visibly damaged on receipt, we suggest you MUST REFUSE it, it's best to sign the carrier's delivery note accordingly. The product MUST BE UNOPENED so that the item can be returned to us freely in their original packaging with all accessories and complete documentations. Once we receive the returned item, we will issue you a replacement or full refund via your original payment method and reimburse your reasonable return shipping cost.


On the other hand, Budget shipping does not guarantee that your boxes arrive in good condition. We have asked our packer to pack the package well, but handling by the forwarder may not be what we have desired. Hope you can understand


Received wrong item or quantity

If your received wrong item or quantity, please submit the mistake to us within 14 calendar days of receipt of the item. Items should be returned in their original packaging with all accessories and complete documentations. Once we have verified the fault, we'll issue a replacement or fully refund you via your original payment method and reimburse your reasonable return carriage cost. 


If you change your mind

1. Before the order is shipped - It is a lot easier if you changed your mind before the item is shipped, simply letting us know via email, within your account, we will refund the full amount, no questions asked. 

2. If you changed your mind after the item is accepted at the postal office (with info shown by the tracking number), simply reject the parcel and have it returned to the sender. We will refund you 85% of the total amount you paid for a simple 15% restocking fee. You have 28 calendar days to do so. 

3. If you opened the item, played it or not, and then changed your mind, the item is officially a used toy, just like a new car driven out of the parking lot, we do not accept a return at this point. 



Our return shipping address is as below:


Name:               Foshan TieAiFu Electronic Commerce Inc
Address:         No. 18 Xingye 4th Road, Shunlian Mechanical City 18th dong, 3rd Floor 301-133, Guanglong Industrial Park, Chihua Neighborhood Committee, Chencun Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

City:                  FO SHAN
Province:         GUANG DONG
Country:          CHINA

Zip Code:         528000
TEL:                  +86 139-2778-7497

*Also please make sure the outer package is the same as you received before and declare in low value like in $20.*